31 Days Of Halloween Grand Prize Winner


We have a winner! Congratulations Shari who commented on Katy Leitch’s blog post for day 16! Email your mailing address to submissions@stampendous.com with a subject line, “31 Days of Halloween Winner Week 4”.

The grand prize package includes a Cling Create Fall Stamp Set, Create Fall Die Set, Jumbo Acrylic Perfectly Clear Stamp Handle, PLUS a Creative Impressions Halloween and Fall themed ribbon card!

31 Days of Halloween creativity is over and we are so thrilled that you all came out to comment and hop along with us! Here’s one last glimpse of October 2016!

31 Days of Stampendous Halloween Gallery
Day 31
30-alison-heikkila-peek 29-katy-leitch-peek 28-louise-healy-peek 27-alison-peek 26-jamie-martin-peek
Day 30 Day 29 Day 28 Day 27 Day 26
25-lea-fritts-peek 24-louise-healy-peek 23-wendy-price-peek 22-jamie-martin-peek 21-kristine-reynolds-peek
Day 25 Day 24 Day 23 Day 22 Day 21
18-r173_dh_800-peek 19-louise-healy-peek 18-mark-gould-peek 17-katy-leitch-peek 16-pam-bray-peek
 Day 20 Day 19 Day 18 Day 17 Day 16
15-r173_danse_macabre_dh_800-peek 13-laura-drahozal-peek 12-louise-healy-peek 11-mark-gould-peek
Day 15 Day 14 Day 13 Day 12 Day 11
10-janelle-stollfus-peek 09-alison-heikkila-peek 08-monika-thomas-peek img_6743 06-louise-healy-peek
Day 10 Day 9 Day 8 Day 7 Day 6
05-louise-healy-peek 04-janelle-stollfus-peek 03-tenia-nelson-peek 02-alison-peek 01-debi-hammons-peek
Day 5 Day 4 Day 3 Day 2 Day 1


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