31 Days of Halloween 2016 – Day 19


We are marching on to Halloween today with a sweet and cute project by Louise Healy. It happens to be combined with our Really Mice Fall weekly theme. Yep we are charmed with House-Mouse Designs® this week and you’ll get to good dose of Halloween with today’s project, too.


Louise Healy

Have you heard about our prizes for 31 Days of Halloween? Find all the details in Monday’s post about this week’s prize package of Haunted Mansion Cling Rubber Stamp and Spooky House Perfectly Clear Stamp Set. See our Official Contest Rules for details. A winner will be announced on Monday, October 23, 2016.

Now if you want to see something more spooky and creepy, we’ve listed the original Wicked Bloggers list here.

31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop

Susan S – no post
Shell – no post
Susan R
Lost Coast Portal To Creativity
Dream In Darkness
Airless Chambers
Jessica – no post
Michelle – no post
Kapree – no post
Lisa – no post


31 Days of Stampendous Halloween Gallery
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7 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween 2016 – Day 19

  1. Every day I’m amazed at the things the people on
    this hop think up. It’s a welcome relief from all
    of the sweet images on other hops this time
    of year.


  2. Looking forward to the day I can color good enough to do a house mouse! (This may be a 2 “fer”-the page froze up so I had to reload).


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