Stack It Up for Fall and Winter

Woodsy Stack Thank You by Fran Seiford

We are beginning a pile of fun for the week as the weather is changing so must our characters in Woodsy Stack Perfectly Clear Stamp Set! You’ll see inspiration throughout the week from the design team here on our blog as well as a few stacked up creations on their personal blogs. It’s going to be a heap of creativity this week with oodles of character combinations!

SSC1248 Woodsy Stack Perfectly Clear Stamp Set

These woodsy creatures are adding layers to keep warm and cute in any combination. Take a look out our video with Woodsy Stack in action!

We have a hop to take today for more inspiration!


Kristine Reynolds

5 thoughts on “Stack It Up for Fall and Winter

  1. OOOOOOOOOOO! I love these cute little woodsy critters!! I definitely need to add this to my and Jenna’s stamping toolbox!!! Looking forward to seeing them in action this week! ((((Hugs)))) and have a great week!
    Almost forgot to add that my stencils and spritzer arrived today!! Thanks so much!! I love you guys and the collaborations you have!!! Toodles and tata for now!


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