If You Give a Mouse A Paintbrush…

Mice Costumes Box by Debbie Cole

Prepare to be amazed! Our House-Mouse clan is picking up their paintbrushes and having some fun for the Heart of Ohio Tole painting convention and they are having a HOOT of a time.

Heart of Ohio Tole
Click Picture to be taken to Event Website

Remember if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area stop in and see us! We’ll have all things painty + stampy + stencily on display! You’ll absolutely love what we do with our paintbrushes here! (and fingers, and sponges, and… mice for that matter!)

Speaking of mice, here are the star painters having a go with their paintbrushes.

HMP50 Painting Stripes Rubber Stamps
HMR17 Painted Pansies Rubber Stamp
HMR22 Painting Pals Rubber Stamp
HMR78 Playful Painters Rubber Stamp


We have our fabulous designers who posted this week available below and another new one posting today!


Stampendous Blog
Kristine Reynolds



Stampendous Blog
Louise Healy


Stampendous Blog


Stampendous Blog
Kristine Reynolds
Tenia Nelson

Come back and see us next week, it’s time for Pink Your Life!

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