Special Occasion Stencil Friday

FMS4020 Musical Metal Stencil

For our Friday post today we hand picked these three stencils because we love how they work so well together for special occasions like a weddings, anniversaries, girls night out and more! All three of these stencils almost reveal a secret date night one event at a time!

Let there be dining! Fran designed these sophisticated silverware for a look that is fantastic all lined up or with plenty of room to trim and use them however your creativity needs.

FMS4023 Silverware Metal Stencil
Silverware by Fran Seiford
Silverware II by Fran Seiford

We would love some music, too. Add a little music to your craft time project with a musical card or two (stencil shown above).

Musical by Debi Hammons
Musical by Fran Seiford

Get your dance shoes on with this stunning shoe stencil!

FMS4022 Stiletto Metal Stencil
Stiletto Filagree by Fran Seiford
Stiletto by Fran Seiford

Our week on these fabulous new stencils has come to a close, but not before we stop off at one more designers blog post today –

Pam Bray

Remember we are hopping next week with Nathalie Kalbach. Hope to see you there with us!


3 thoughts on “Special Occasion Stencil Friday

  1. I love the stencil designs. They are very different from typical crafting designs. The projects displayed really highlight how versatile they are.


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