Mice Beachy Scenes For Friday

Sandpiper Hello by Lea Fritts
Sandpiper Hello by Lea Fritts

We made it to the beach with these House-Mouse characters and friends and now it is time for relaxation and recreation. It’s been an eventful week for these mice and if you missed our earlier posts, please stop by and check them out.

Monday these mice and friends started out in their own backyard with Wednesday summer treats soon to follow and Thursday is always a stenciling day.

HMCR69 Cling Sandpiper Hello Stamp

Maxwell is in an odd position as his Sandpiper friend comes to inspect his condition! And then there are these mice hard at work creating a one of-a-kind sand castle with their Sandpiper friend distracted by grabbing a wiggly snack, or is it?

Castle Construction Ocean Wisdom by Janelle Stollfus
HMCR65 Cling Castle Construction Rubber Stamp

It is a gorgeous day for beachcombing and a House-Mouse is about to get pinched to see if it’s for real!

Shell Search by Lea Fritts
Shell Search by Lea Fritts
HMCR60 Cling Shell Search Rubber Stamp

Now this is how a day at the beach should feel and Muzzy looks well rested and cool as a cucumber.

Umbrella Shade by Lea Fritts
HMCP47 Cling Umbrella Shade Rubber Stamp

It was a fun journey today and this week and now let’s join these designers today who enjoyed some crafting time with our summer themed House-Mouse® character stamps.

2 thoughts on “Mice Beachy Scenes For Friday

  1. WOW! Cuteness overload this week! So many sweet and lovable images colored to perfection by the uber talented DT!! Thanks for bringing these cuties to life!! Have a great weekend!


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