Celebration in Sentiments

Our next set of sentiment stamps in the spotlight today are framed in hearts, balloons, confetti, flowers or in a delightful combination.

With heartfelt wishes, festive celebration and gift of well-being sentiments there are bound to be many times these sentiment stamps can be used. Let’s see what our designers have created today!

Pam Hornschu

Jamie Martin

Louise Healy

Tenia Nelson

3 thoughts on “Celebration in Sentiments

  1. WOW, these images are awesome. I think all of these should be in everyone’s stamp collection. The possibilities are endless with these stamps. Watercolor, markers, chalks, vellum overlay, etc. This is one of the best releases, in my opinion, for those who want to make a card and not have to think about placement of elements. I have a group of Senior Citizen stampers that would oooh and ahhh over these. Thanks.


  2. I really love these stamps!! Definitely need to add them to my stash for those last minute cards!! They will make it easy to create a beautiful card in mere minutes! Thanks for always making things easier for us!!! See you next post!


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