We’re Celebrating Sentiments All Week!

This week we have oodles of stamps to share that are perfect for saying just what you need!

Each sentiment is wrapped in a beautiful frame design for an easy one-stamp card that is so fun to color. There is no need to figure out a card layout, because it’s already done for you in the stamp!

Our design team LOVED these stamps and after seeing all the inspiration they created with them, you will too. Here are designers sharing projects today!

Alison Heikkila

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Pam Hornschu

Jamie Martin

Louise Healy

8 thoughts on “We’re Celebrating Sentiments All Week!

  1. These stamps are all quite awesome but I definitely need to get Laughter Gift right away because the anniversary of a tragic death is coming up and this stamp says exactly what I want to express to my friend!!! Thanks for making the stamps that help us say what we want to before we know we want to say it!! 🙂


  2. Wow, these are fabulous stamps! And perfect for when you just want a quick card without trying to figure out a design.


  3. these are great. You get the front of the card ready to color and send.
    No agonizing over the design and the sentiment you want to send – it’s all
    there, ready for you..


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