Wish Shoe Were Here

1-20160509 Wish Shoe Were Here

If you love shoes you are going to love our week of inspiration! It’s all about the shoes for our stamps and stencils from the April catalog and we can’t wait to put on a show!

Here are the stamps in the spotlight today with oodles of shoes that will make you squeal with ideas.

CRR257 Shoes Galore Cling Rubber Stamp
SSC1247 Shoe Sense Perfectly Clear Stamp Set

Our design team is excited to share their fashionable projects today!

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

6 thoughts on “Wish Shoe Were Here

  1. Shoes are such a FUN trend and they can be SO ELEGANT too!!!
    I can’t wait to be inspired, keen for ideas to try, as my Mother collects the tiny ornamental shoes and bags. All of the sentiments with this stamp set would be perfect for cards to her, my sister and many of my friends 🙂


    • Just read the sentiment about buying shoes in every color. I did have about three pairs that were alike in style but different colors.. One day I went in with two shoes in different colors – then they told me to take something to the General’s office. I felt like an idiot and had to ask for a reprieve. After that I was more careful when I put my shoes on to go to work.


  2. YUMMINESS! When I could wear normal shoes I had over 2,000 pairs of shoes and boots! Now I can only wear backless shoes and stick to the two pair that I have found that are comfortable! I really miss wearing high heels and cute boots!! I can tell that I am going to have a major case of shoe envy this week!! Looking forward to seeing all the sweet shoes!!


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