Time Flies By with Outdoor Games

HGRP07 Sledding Santa

It’s a great day in the snow with our furry friends and it is even better for us because we stay dry and warm inside! This fun sledding card does well as a sweet encouragement card for family or friend just like this card by Janelle Stollfus.

Sledding Santa by Janelle Stollfus

Two more friends sledding with a few tweet friends near by. It couldn’t be a more enjoyable outing unless of course that candy cane is a real treat!

P274 Bear Sled Rubber Stamp

Louise Healy has them all warmed up in their brown fur coats going down a sparkling snow path.

Bear Sled by Louise Healy

The most adventurous Amanda is a downhill dynamo completely enjoying the colder temperatures and white powdery snow!

HMM02 Ski Run Rubber Stamp

Here’s to red scarves and glistening snow mounds, just a darling Ski Run image colored by Rhea Weigand.

Ski Run by Rhea Weigand
Ski Run by Rhea Weigand

Thank you for stopping in for a little bit of snow fun! Let’s go see what today’s designers made to enjoy the cold outside!

Pam Hornschu

Asia King

Tenia Nelson

2 thoughts on “Time Flies By with Outdoor Games

  1. Another beautiful trio of projects by the wonderful designers!! Thank you all for sharing your talent with me over 2015! I look forward to seeing what you share in 2016~ Happy New Year to all of you! (((HUGS))))


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