A Reason to Travel Far


P272 Wise Gifts Wood Stamp

We’ve journeyed through the Nativity story this week, but not as far as the magi traveling with precious gifts for the holy babe. This gorgeous new Christmas stamp is perfectly sized for a dramatic card like this one from our Australian Distributor, Julie Makela at The Stencil Specialist.

Wise Gifts by Julie Makela owner of The Stencils Specialist
Wise Gifts by Julie Makela owner of The Stencils Specialist

Julie’s gorgeous colored image needs no extra decoration to adorn the card; it looks fantastic in those soft color pencil hues.

Q216 Jesus Wreath Wood Stamp

A simple wreath stamp image with the magic of Christmas wrapped into one sentence for a card, tag or scrapbook page. Really the possibilities are endless, but here’s an example to inspire you done by designer Tenia Nelson with sweetly colored wreath, baubles and bow. It’s simply adorable!

Jesus Wreath by Tenia Nelson

We can’t wait for you to see the rest of our featured designer projects for this week’s theme! Go be inspired and have a fun weekend then meet us back here next week as we wrap up our Christmas inspiration from the July 2015 catalog.

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Fritts

Pam Hornschu

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