Wobbling and ‘Weaving and Ho Ho Ho-ing?

Once again we have a busy week, with a fun mix from our team. Yes, it’s Dreamweaver Thursday. Yes, our challenge this week is to get on Santa’s good side. And, yes, we are playing with Action Wobbles, too. So…many of us are “Dreaming” of a “Wobbly” “Santa”…which sounds like he may have had too much Christmas cheer mixed into his milk and cookies. Good thing that Rudolph is doing the driving! You’ll see a bit of each, and on some, a bit of all…

For the “wobblers”, we have these fun spring-like gadgets called Action Wobbles. They’re kind of boring to look at, but once attached, they make any project an interactive toy! If you’ve missed our previous posts regarding these this week, spring back to Monday and Wednesday, and hop the lists for more fun ideas.



For the “Dreamers”, we have an amazing variety of stencils to mix with either/both…like these…

Dreamweaver Nested Ornaments Dies
Dreamweaver Nested Stockings Dies
Dreamweaver Snowman

Wouldn’t it be cute to have either the die cut ornaments or the stockings attached to a card or gift tag with an Action Wobble? Stamp or stencil a fun pattern or image on them, and they come alive! What about the snowman? Just ink or paste a second head to adhere over top with the Action Wobble in between, and he’s suddenly bobbing to music on a blustery day!

Finally, we have our Santa enthusiasts, who’d love mixing these cuties in…

Jolly Santa
Santa Dog
Sledding Santa


Now, let’s see how everyone plays with these challenges…

Kristine Reynolds (Wobbles, DW, and Santa)

Pam Hornschu (Wobbles,  DW, and Santa)

Laura Drahozal (DW and Santa)

Louise Healy (DW and Santa)

Pam Bray (Wobbles,  DW, and Santa)

Lea Fritts (DW and Wobbles)



4 thoughts on “Wobbling and ‘Weaving and Ho Ho Ho-ing?

  1. FUN, FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL cards!!!
    A great mix of colours, textures, sparkle and some wobble ACTION too – THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION 🙂
    I look forward to learning more about the double glitter technique using stencils 🙂


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