Santa’s Bag of Goodies

P273 Quilted Santa Wood Mount Stamp


Hello and welcome to another day of our mashup with Santa and wobbly action projects.  Our team is having way too much fun making a wide range of wobbly cards AND there are a few video clips to see just how they wobble. Catch up on them from Monday  if you haven’t already and check out today’s list of designers who are ready to dazzle you with Santa’s, wobbly cards or both!

Since it IS about Santa this week too, we have some projects from our catalog with a few bag issues! They are brimming full of presents that are just begging to be seen. First up is this amazing book box by Debbie Cole who captures the vintage and country vibe of our Quilted Santa stamp. Isn’t this just amazing!

Quilted Santa Painted Book Box by Debbie Cole
Quilted Santa Painted Book Box by Debbie Cole

And then there is a classic version of Santa, as Classic Santa in wood or cling rubber mount.

R238 Classic Santa Stamp

Asia King created this gorgeous Classic Santa card and those young at heart believe the sentiment says is all. Get all the details on how Asia created this card over on our website HERE.

Classic Santa by Asia King

We can’t get enough of the big fat man with the long white beard around this time of year, so let’s hop on over to these designer’s projects and see if we can find him!

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Jamie Martin

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu

6 thoughts on “Santa’s Bag of Goodies

  1. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have bought my little sister a lifesavers storybook, for Christmas. The last 5 years or more, they have really gone down hill. Now they aren’t even books, just a box where the front opens. Half as many lifesavers, and mostly the same flavors, none of the good ones. This year, I thought I would make my own storybook for her, and buy the lifesavers she likes to put in it. I think this would be a perfect alternative. Sorry for the long post, but I was thrilled when I saw this.. Thank you for the inspiration! ♥


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