Sweet Pumpkin Pie!

It’s definitely pumpkin season, because we’ve seen them lined up at markets and grocery stores, but we have some pumpkins lined up for you too this week that will be sweet as pumpkin pie!

Our most adorable mice are in the spotlight today and they are, well adorable! Maxwell and Friends are sculpting kitten’s jack o lantern for this season and won’t he be surprised.

HMR43 Pumpkin Carving Rubber Stamp (Wood Mount shown)

Picking out a costume can often be a tough job, but Mudpie has found the perfect one to round out his disguise. Mudpie is perfect on treat bags for your kiddies class party, just sayin’.

HMV20 Pumpkin Mouse Rubber Stamp (Wood Mount shown)

We are holding back the pumpkin love this week with more of our House-Mouse stamps packing pumpkins filled with goodies. Let’s see who they are!

No need to cry over spilled treats with Booda and Pebble working things out in their own adorable way! Click on the photo below for details on this project by alumni Suzanne Czosek and for even more ideas go to our website product page HERE.

HRGP04 Gruffies® Spilled Treats by Suzanne Czosek

If we are sure of one thing, the Halloween theme in our House-Mouse stamps are dino-rific! It’s a sweet Dino Treats card like this one by Jamie Martin that are a ringer for trick or treating cuteness.

HMR02 Dino Treats by Jamie Martin

Dino Treats stamp has more sweet as pie companions like HMQ01 Trick or Cheese and HMV21 Daisy Face, so be sure to check out those on the website with projects ideas too.

Hope you haven’t had your fill yet, because there’s even more pumpkin loving projects from our designers today!

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Alison Heikkila

Psssttt…We would love for you to join us later this week for the Blog Fest with Spellbinders. Mark your calendars!

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Pumpkin Pie!

  1. Your coloring charts are wonderful – helps to determine which colors we need for these adorable mice. I just love the watermelon seed spitting mouse the most.


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