Only A Skull Ghoul Can Eek A Boo

It’s a great day for some boo-tiful Halloween images as we continue our week of All in Ones. Fran designed these stamps for easy one-stamping projects to help get through the long mailing lists, but you can also use your creativity and do more. We have samples today that show you how two designers stepped up the creativity with the Halloween themed All in Ones.

W154 Eek A Boo Rubber Stamp

Eek A Boo stamp is a sweet pumpkin with a squeaky little friend that works great for mailing list cards, invitations and treat toppers, because it’s a one stamping image. If you want to add a little more creativity you can trim around the edges for a different look.  Jennie Lin Black made up this wonderfully spooky card with a trimmed edge, pairing Eek A Boo with a from Halloween Wish. What a fabulous idea card!

Eek A Boo by Jennie Lin Black

Our next All in One, Skull Ghoul, is ready with pretty posies in her skull-do for a sweet Halloween project made in a snap. To take it up a notch the elements can be hand trimmed for a extra special project.

W155 Skull Ghoul Rubber Stamp

Let’s take a look at what Wendy Price did when her creativity went straight to decor.

Skull Ghoul Wreath by Wendy Price
Skull Ghoul Wreath by Wendy Price

Now isn’t that splendidly skullrific! The solid lines of Skull Ghoul makes it easy to hand trim the image elements for Wendy’s wreath. Now that’s using her noggin!

There is more to see today from these designers blogs —

Asia King

Jamie Martin

Amy Hurley-Purdie (Tuesday Post)

Janelle Stollfus

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Even more Halloween Inspiration is available on our Pinterest board, have you subscribed?

We have Dreamweaver Stencils that are just as easy to use as an All in One stamp? Come back tomorrow and check it out!

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