Dreamweaver Double Days Finale…a Bit of Magic with Mica

Here we are on our final day of Dreamweaver Double Days! We’ve loved all of your wonderful comments regarding the technique videos and the samples that we’ve shared here, as well as on the individual team blogs. This tells us that YOU love it when we share all of our not-so-secret tips with YOU! So…expect to see more in the future! Today’s video is a technique tutorial that always has the recipients of your creations going, “Ooooh and aaaah”! Follow along as Dreamweaver Stencils‘ founder, Lynell Harlow, demonstrates using mica powders* with Matte and Glossy Embossing Pastes

Amazing, isn’t it? And super easy to do. How about a double dip of samples from our team members featuring this technique?

Created by Alison Heikkila featuring the Dreamweaver Open Feather design with Pearlescent Embossing Paste and Metallic F/X powders. This technique is called Molten Magic!
Kristine_floral with dots F:X
Created by Kristine Reynolds featuring the Dreamweaver Stylized Dahlia, Matte Black Embossing Paste, and Metallic F/X mica powders.

WHOA! Wait just one minute, you say? Alison’s card is not the same technique at all. Mmmm. Yes it is, with one variation. This is the Molten Magic technique, so called because you paste-emboss just as in the video (preferably a glossy paste), sprinkle it with mica powders*, and HEAT it using a heat tool until it is puffy and bubbly. This adds great texture, and a totally different look, and all she did was heat it! Pssst, you can do this technique with Stampendous Fran•tagé Embossing Enamels, for a totally different look as well!

Now, let’s go see what the team members have been playing with for today. Oh, and leave them some love, please. They’ve worked hard this week!

Lyn Bernatovich

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu

Kristine Reynolds

Jamie Martin

*Just a note: Many of the items that you may see in our videos may not show on the website, but most are still available either from the Stencil With Style site, local stores, and/or the Stampendous website. Just leave a comment in the order form regarding the product that you’d like to purchase.

3 thoughts on “Dreamweaver Double Days Finale…a Bit of Magic with Mica

  1. Another awesome week filled with inspiration and lots of new techniques to use! So many absolutely gorgeous creations by the uber talented designers!! I have tried a few of the new to me techniques and can’t wait to try the rest of them also!! Thanks for a fun week! Have a great weekend!


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