Mousey Adventures

Welcome back to our week of mousey mischief and the crew of House-Mouse characters. Amanda, Maxwell, Mudpie and Monica are hanging around together for some adventures in crafts and leisure that are sure to be fun.

This foursome spotted bright colored beads and decided to take up the art of jewelry design.

HMR29 Jewelry Making Rubber Stamp
Just look at the colorful choices of jewelry in this card by Kristine Reynolds. The beautiful bead-like pattern paper on her card was done with a Dreamweaver stencil embossed then distressed on coordinating paper. Find out more about the supplies and instructions for Kristine’s card project on our website.

Jewelry Making by Kristine Reynolds
All four mice find warmth in the pockets of hanging jeans on the clothesline after an acrobatic effort to get to them. I’m guessing it’s a great spot to rest with a bird’s eye view to their next adventure.

HMR34 Hanging Jeans Rubber Stamp
Here’s a great card for a friend by Amy Hurley-Purdie with amazing realistic coloring on the jeans and she added an encouraging sentiment from the Forest Sayings Perfectly Clear Stamps Set.

Hanging Jeans by Amy Hurley-Purdie

These mice are on to more mischievous adventures today with stops on these designer’s blogs that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Jamie Martin

Janelle Stollfus

4 thoughts on “Mousey Adventures

  1. These little mices are so cute love the jewelry making stampand them in back view of the Denims.. still think the picnic scenes are my favorites though☺


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