Fall Into Creating Fun Projects

It’s turning into fall here on our blog this week and so excited because we are introducing our new Cling Create Fall Stamp Set and coordinating Create Fall Die Cut Set. These two products will provide a myriad of options for so many different projects, the possibilities are endless. Throughout the week our design team will be posting on their blogs as well with our fall theme in mind so be sure to check out the blog list towards the end of our blog posts.

The Cling Create Fall Stamp Set is complete with two shapes for pumpkins with complement stamps with stem, leaf, vine and tendril. There are stamps to turn these pumpkins into jack’o lanterns with hats and a scaredy cat friend for some fun Halloween projects.

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT
CRS5078 Cling Create Fall Stamp Set

Cling Create Fall comes with not only a plethora of fall and Halloween theme stamp combinations it has a template that you can use to mask or stencil the pumpkins, hat, cat and leaves! No need to create your own mask with this set, just add a little bit of tape to the mask that matches your stamped image and start stamping around it.

Here’s a sweet little card by Debi Hammons that shows the characters in this set so well, it kindles the creativity to get started early on fall projects.

Create Fall by Debi Hammons
Create Fall by Debi Hammons

Can you find a matching metal die for each shape in Debi Hammons card above? You can! Just take a look at all the options in this coordinating die set.

DCS5078 Create Fall Die Cut Set

We’ve started the momentum on our Create Fall theme and now let’s take a look at today’s designer projects with our theme this week.

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Come back tomorrow for more inspiration and a video!

2 thoughts on “Fall Into Creating Fun Projects

  1. What F U N 🙂
    I have lots of family & friends who LOVE Halloween, it is their FAVOURITE time of the year!!!
    LOTS of elements for sending ALL-YEAR-CHEER too!!!


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