Let’s Get Our Crackle On

Welcome back to our Playing with Paste week here on our blog. There is a fabulous crackle embossing paste featured in our tutorial today that will have your mojo stirring up projects to make and there are also some great projects posted by some of our design team that you won’t want to miss. Take the links below to see their projects now then come back to see the tutorial with a crackling effect!

Louise Healy

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Hornschu

This great tutorial originally posted on the Paper Craft Planet blog by alumni design team member Cyndi Bundy and we’re happy to bring it to this week of special how-to’s with embossing paste. The tutorial includes all the materials and instructions to make the completed card from Cyndi’s project, however to create the crackle technique the first seven steps can be followed along with supplies marked with an asterisk (*) in the list below.



  1. Tape Mittens stencil down on all 4 sides making sure to start with the top so you will have a hinge.
  2. Apply the Matte Black Embossing Paste using the Paste Spreader.  (The first layer will be the color that peeks through the crackle so a darker shade gives a nice contrast.)
  3. Scrape off the excess paste from around the edges and return it to container, cleaning rim before tightly putting on the lid.


  1. Remove tape working backwards.  Remove stencil using the tape hinge technique.  Let this layer dry thoroughly.


  1. Clean your stencil in water with soft brush and dry then reapply the stencil over the first layer of paste.  Line it up almost perfectly, but at a slight diagonal.  This will allow for the stencil to sit on top of the paste and the bridges of the stencil will have a higher surface to lie on.


  1. Tape down stencil and apply crackle paste.
  2. Remove tape and clean the stencil. Allow the paste to dry.  And then magic happens; the crackles will appear when it dries!


At this point you can leave the crackle paste as is for a matte white finish or add color and shine with the following steps.

  1. Apply ink with sponge applicator to crackle paste until desired look is achieved. Ink can be applied through a cleaned stencil (as shown) or without the stencil for a distressed look.
  2. Sprinkle Clear Embossing Powder over wet ink, tap off the excess returning to container and heat being careful to stop before the stenciled paste starts to bubble.


  1. Glue finished stenciling onto cardstock mat and adhere to cardstock base.
  2. Place sentiment from Tis The Season Perfectly Clear Stamps Set onto acrylic stamp handle and stamp onto coordinating paper with Versamark Watermark ink.
  3. Emboss with Chinese Red embossing powder. Trim and fold to look like banner.
  4. Adhere sentiment onto card base.

The finished effect creates an amazing project, just think of all the possibilities for decor and gifts with this technique. See you tomorrow for more great projects and another video tutorial.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Our Crackle On

  1. I really love this project and think you’ve helped me decide what Christmas cards to make.

    I’ve never done this before, but I’m ordering some of the product you used (really wish I could win them, but who doesn’t? ;-))

    Dumb question here — what’s the cardstock you used? Did you use some sort of designer stock or did you stamp the designs and age the paper?

    I just think this card is the coolest thing ever!! Thank you so much for taking the time to “write” up all of the supplies and instructions, plus making the card and the step by step pics!!


    • I’m so glad you are inspired by today’s tutorial. It was originally published a while ago so the paper is most likely unavailable to us, however it looks like smooth pattern paper many stores might carry as a house brand. It also could be made with supplies you might already have on hand. Distressing with sponges, spray inks or even a light coat of craft paint rolled across the paper with a brayer then add faint scroll and filigree areas with stamps and ink. It’s even possible to create this on a monoprinting plate like the Creative Palette.


  2. Hi again, I apologize for asking so many questions but what’s the alcohol ink pad for? Uhm, did you apply alcohol ink, maybe some shade of red? The instructions say to sprinkle clear embossing powder onto wet ink. Maybe you used a pigment ink?

    This will be the 2nd card I’ve ever made (maybe I should quit while I’m ahead LOL) so my apologies again for all of the dumb questions!

    Thank you so very much for your HELP!! 🙂 I need all the help I can get! LOL??!


    • I looked into this a little and it seems that Distress inks were used on this project and they are a specialty ink not alcohol. The inks that stay wet the longest are pigment inks and what Lynell Harlow has used when stenciling. For a great assortment of colors in a convenient one pad check out the ink pads on the Stencil With Style website here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well thanks!! 🙂 I have a FEW distress inks, but I’m sure, with my luck, I don’t have whatever color she used. LOL. Still waiting for my order and can’t wait to start practicing. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help! I’m in a perpetual state of confusion and the alcohol ink pad kinda, well, threw me off! LOL 😉 (it doesn’t take much). I’ll for sure check out the ink pads. Thank you so much for your help!!


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