A Stroll By The Sea

During our events this week you’ll be seeing some nautical themed images from our April 2015 catalog. That means there will be much more beach and sea worthy inspiration for an image than normal from our weekly theme posts. This week lets take that leisurely stroll by the sea and absorb the inspiration from our product focus, By the Sea.

An familiar image can bring up our memories and dreams of a time at the waterside just like our Wind In Sails stamp. Sailboats on the water look so free and charming. It can literally be a lift  to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the sea whether you are watching the vessel float by, taking a ride or using this stamp to sail your way to beautiful scrapbook pages and masculine style cards.

P261 Wind In Sails Wood Mount Stamp

And just like bringing those memories and dreams back to life, if can change how we see the today in a whole different way. Near the sea the days pass more slowly and leisurely, we sometimes forget what day of the week it is. Add this Near the Sea sentiment in your next scrapbook page to remember the sweet days of your vacation and travels.


L263 Near The Sea Wood Mount Stamp

From our hop with Spellbinders today these two ladies are picking up seashells by the shore. If you haven’t already seen there projects take a peek and add a comment to their post.

Louise Healy

Kristine Reynolds

We have some more great projects just for our theme week that will get your ideas flowing with sea creatures.

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Bray

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