Bouquet For You and You and You

Creating a variety of bouquets with just one stamp set might be limiting, but with our Bouquet For You Perfectly Clear Stamp Set you will have oodles of options before your choice of color medium even comes to mind.


SSC1221 Bouquet For You Perfectly Clear Stamps Set

Each part of the bouquet can be custom created with different vases and flowers, even the vases can be customized. There are two types of vases in the trendy canning jar and milk bottle styles that can be “embossed” with special word stamps to make them look like the real deal. There are two separate flowers stamps giving you not only the option to create a mixed flower arrangement, but a pretty peony bouquet. If you are adventurous you can trim or mask the daisy flower for even more variations of custom bouquets. To make this a complete project package there is a great selection of upbeat sentiments included.  That’s just awesome!

For our Faber-Castell collaboration week, Janelle Stollfus created this mini journal cover project using Bouquet For You. It has all of the pretty flowers in the mason jar vase and a sentiment added for completely custom image all from one stamp set. That fun texture to the right of the vase is done with our DWLJ929 Pop Rectangles Stencil  Dreamweaver Stencil and DWDEP White Embossing Paste.

Bouquet For You by Janelle Stollfus
Bouquet For You by Janelle Stollfus

Did you know we have a preferred paper when we make our samples? We found that we kept grabbing for this paper time and time again because it works with so many of the different coloring mediums we use. To make it easier for you to create with the same paper that Fran uses here at Stampendous headquarters we have it available on our website. Check out our video about Fran’s Mixed Media White Paper and add it to your next online order with us!

There are two lovely projects waiting for you to see today at these designer blogs. Enjoy and we’ll see you again tomorrow!

Jamie Martin

Janelle Stollfus

7 thoughts on “Bouquet For You and You and You

  1. Hi there! When I opened this post I was excited, because I have this set and (blushing) do NOT know how to use it. :-‘(

    I was so hoping for a tutorial, maybe even a YouTube video,even better, but can’t find anything. Maybe something’s wrong on my end, BC when I select Janelle, I’m not seeing this project and Ms. Martin’s page states it doesn’t exist?

    Anyway, I was ATTEMPTING to make my mom’s Mother’s day card and what a mess!! I remembered a masking technique, but had not tried it, so searched the Internet and found info on masking. Duh! Well I didn’t have the correct masking tape or paper. Yes, I know about Post-It Notes, but they do not work so well when stuck together to fit the image. So I ran out to try and find Post-It “all over” sticky, I think? I found Super Sticky, but soon found out this wasn’t all over sticky (surprisingly, I thought to check this while in the store and the block felt solid on the edges). Ok, Mom didn’t get a card. My fault – ran out of money and waited until the last minute. So, yeah …

    Anyway, maybe you guys could put a disclaimer on the packaging, “Not For Use By Idiots!” “Warning, if you are new to stamping, do NOT purchase!” Yeah, and whatever you do, DON’T post on the blog that you do NOT know how to use this set!! LOL? Hahahaha??

    If you wonderful, super talented DTs, who deserve to craft, could offer ANY help, guidance, a hint or two, boy that would be incredible! You can’t know how grateful I’ll be!!

    Thank you so much for reading this and for your help!!

    Liked by 1 person

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