Perfectly Wet Pets Friday

All well-behaved pets form a line at the pet wash! Oh how we love the character of each stamp in our House-Mouse Designs® collection of stamps. Today we have a very willing participant in a pet wash which could be more willing to wash away the remains of a polecat caught off guard.

Monica, Amanda, Mudpie and Maxwell are such good friends to help in the effort and even a dog treat to calm the puppies nerves.

Dog Wash Rubber Stamp
HMR31 Dog Wash Rubber Stamp

Lea Kimmel created this fantastic colored card. Just look at the detail in the puppies coat of fur!

Dog Wash by Lea Kimmel
Dog Wash by Lea Kimmel

There is another pet today that is perfectly wet and loving it. Our Goldfish Pair are enjoying a little swim together in the aquarium. The goldfish design lends to coloring them in any exotic breed and you might have seen

CRP256 Cling Goldfish Pair Stamp

These perfect pets were colored with the no-line technique by Lea Kimmel, she’s a popular designer today on our blog isn’t she, and we absolutely adore the end results and to figure our how she did all the great techniques, go to the project page by clicking on the image or caption below it.

Goldfish Pair by Lea Kimmel

We have a wonderful line up of projects to see we hope it inspires you for your perfect pet creation.

Jamie Martin

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Kristine Reynolds

Lyn Bernatovich

Laura Drahozal

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