PenPatterns Starter

Need a little doodle starter? We have just what you need!

Our PenPattern line of stamps are just the ticket to have some fun doodling into a fun stamped shapes. These stamps have sections already built into them so all there is left to do is fill them up with fun little doodles. It’s possible to continue doodling with the swirls and dashes around the edges of the stamps so there is no end to your doodle starter stamped image.

(L to R) PenPattern Cake, PenPattern Conch, PenPattern Petal, PenPattern Cat and PenPattern Flutter

You can see how easy it is to create the doodles inside of the lines of these images by looking at some great projects by Kristine Reynolds. This first project uses the PenPattern Conch Stamp where Kristine added so many fun doodles to the curves of the shell.

Q196_H292_KR_800-300x232Another fantastic sample by Kristine is this Artist Trading Block from our hop with Eileen Hull and the Inspiration Team. Kristine uses PenPattern Flutter and some simple zentangle motifs to fill it in quickly. On two more sides of the block you’ll find PenPattern Petal and each petal has some sweet additions. You can see in the photo that the petals have small sweet flowers on them with some simple rippling lines in the flowers center to doodlie doo these images to a new level.
A super cool anniversary card is created with the PenPattern Cake stamp and Penned Anniversary to share the best wishes for another year together. The PenPattern Cake looks like a dream of a cake!

It’s time to see who has a doodlie doo project to share with you on their blog today.

Pam Hornschu

Kristine Reynolds

Louise Healy

We have more PenPattern Stamps on our website that are fabulous for accents or ready to color and loads of fun project samples to see on each page! We’ll be sharing again soon in the coming weeks with more PenPatterns to get you inspired to pull out the pens and coloring tools.


3 thoughts on “PenPatterns Starter

  1. These are all so magical!! I am in love with the look of the doodling because it really makes each image so personal. It feels almost magical to me! The designers have done a great job! See you next post!


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