A Doodlie-Doo To You

We have a fun week ahead of us with a chance to fill in some empty spaces with doodling! If you have a little time on your hands to try something new or maybe feeling a bit stressed lately and need to unwind, we have some doodle centric Stampendous and Dreamweaver products that will fit a doodler’s dream.  

We’ve been sharing our Dreamweaver Stencils in a weekly post on Thursday that goes along with either the theme of the week or anything goes so we can keep you inspired and familiar with all the great uses these quality stencils provide and today we are adding doodling to your tool belt.

It’s easy! Lay a stencil over some paper, trace and then doodle to your content. 

Chunky Tools is a fun stencil with good lines to get you started with patterns of doodles.

DWLG761 Large Chunky Tools Stencil

Wayne Harlow, one of the founders of Dreamweaver Stencils and a certified Zentangle teacher, has amazing samples that we are sharing today. This sample with Chunky Tools makes texture come alive in the tool handles. Just think of all the fun ways you can fill in the space.

Chunky Tools by Wayne Harlow
A perfect fantasy stencil for doodling in your style is the Dreamweaver Stencils Fairy. Imagine the fun you can make with the wings!

DWLG762 Fairy Stencil
Another fabulous example by Wayne Harlow using the Fairy that’s nearly perfect you would think the stencil came with the oval pattern in the wings already!

Fairy Stencil by Wayne Harlow
There’s so much great detail on a feather and using a stencil for the outline can help make up your own fabulous design with doodles and tangles.

DWLG760 Feather Stencil
Wayne changed each section of the feather into incredible detail designs.

Feather by Wayne Harlow

Now it’s time to see who has a doodlie doo project to share with you on their blog today.

Louise Healy

3 thoughts on “A Doodlie-Doo To You

  1. These are really cool!! If I could doodle it would be even better!! Whenever I try to doodle it comes out looking like something that comes out of the back end of a poodle!! LOL TFS!


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