A Picnic Without the Ants?

It just wouldn’t be a picnic without the appearance of some determined and hungry ants scouting for precious picnic morsels to take home and share! We’ve brought the picnic spread earlier this week, so it’s time the ants show up for their share of the spotlight. Cupcake Ant is appropriately at the beginning of the introduction line, because his motto is “Eat dessert FIRST!”

CRF235 Cling Cupcake Ant Rubber Stamp

This dessert driven ant is adorably the focus of Debi Hammons card and he has opted for the cherry on top as his first bite. That’s one happy ant!

Cupcake Ant by Debi Hammons
Cupcake Ant by Debi Hammons

You are going to get a giggle from these happy trotters who have a different spin on the whole food diet idea. This Lunch Line stamp would be so sweet as a border for a picnic party menu or on a scrapbook layout. Of course, these ants would do well being the highlight on any project.

CRN261 Cling Lunch Line Rubber Stamp

Here is a fabulous card using Lunch Line and a sentiment just right for these happy ants. This is a fun card great to send out after a day in the park.

Lunch Line by Debi Hammons

Here is the Life Picnic stamp used on Debi’s card and it is great to go along with all of our picnic themed image stamps. I think the ant has mistaken the punctuation for a few pieces of food leftover over from the picnic.

CRG126 Cling Life Picnic Rubber Stamp

Create your own pattern paper with these adorable marching ants creating a great backdrop to a picnic layout or invitation. Bring your own army of ants to the picnic in fun sandwich wrap bands and drink sleeves. These ants will do so many good things for your next picnic, just ink them up and march them across your project!

CRY031_Picnic_Ants_PKG_8002 (1)
CRY031 Cling Picnic Ants Rubber Stamp

It’s been a great week of picnic fun and we sure enjoyed sharing this summer style collection of stamps with you. It isn’t over quite yet, because there is still more to see from our fabulous design team today!

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Louise Healy

Lea Kimmel

Kristine Reynolds

Lyn Bernatovich

Did you hear we are hopping with Linnie Blooms next week? A great new company for the mixed media minded crafter and that is just what we like to do! Come visit our blog next week while we hop along with them and check out our weekly theme posts, too!

5 thoughts on “A Picnic Without the Ants?

  1. Absolutely loved this set light hearted and fun the cards are really cute.. Think my favorite is the ants carrying off the the food ♡♡♡


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