Dream it Up! Dream Team April Showers Challenge

It is the final challenge showcase from the Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Team today as they step out to new adventures. We hope you’ll stop by each of their blogs and give them a thoughtful comment sending them off with a great ovation! We sure do appreciate all the experience and talent from this group of designers. Expect some official news from us in a few days about things changing with our Design Team.

Showers to Showers Challenge Post

We have a new Youtube channel for Dreamweaver Stencils? Subscribe so you can be notified as we upload more videos with tons of knowledgeable tips and techniques with these amazing steel stencils.

We also have a new tutorial to share today because it IS Dreamweaver Thursday!

Embossing with a Light Box

This originally posted on Paper Craft Planet on MAY 31, 2012 by  Wendy Price

We’re kicking it old school this week for Dreamweaver Stencils Tutorial with light boxes. With all the embossing/die cutting machines on the market now, its a snap to run the brass stencils through the Cuttlebug or Big Shot. However, what do you do though when you want to emboss on a larger surface? This is when a light box comes in handy. A light box is simply a box with a glass/translucent plastic surface that holds a light bulb. When lit, it is used for tracing and embossing.

Supplies Used:

1. Begin by gathering up your supplies. You’ll need embossing tools/stylus, a light box, cardstock and wax paper (or white candle). *If you don’t have a light box, try using a window with bright natural sunlight.
2. Tape  your stencils on the light box surface. Turn on the light and place your cardstock over the stencil. You should be able to see your stencil through the cardstock. If you’re having trouble you may need to darken the room you’re working in. Keep in mind that you are working on the back side of your cardstock, so plan the positioning of your stencils.
3. Starting with your largest stylus, trace around the edges of your design. Be careful not to rip the paper.

4. Continue to move your cardstock and dry emboss images. If you’d like to add color, flip the cardstock over, position the stencil over the embossed design and sponge on chalks or ink. If you do this with the stencil positioned over the image, it will help prevent ink from getting where you don’t want it.

Other ideas to note: To create the butterfly, I used the Pearlescent Embossing Paste with the Butterfly Stencil. After removing the stencil, and while the paste was still wet I sprinkled on Glitter.


Here you can see the finished project. I love how much texture and color those fern leaves add to the layout!


You can see all the archive tutorials at any time on the Paper Craft Planet blog. Click on Dreamweaver Stencils Thursday Tutorial.

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