NAMTA Show with Fran•táge Melt Media!

Fran was at the NAMTA show in Denver this week, cooking up a storm with embossing powders. She’s showing the art world what a great medium embossing powder can be for so many uses.

Fran at NAMTA

She’s got a hot griddle and a teflon mat and she’s going to town.


Fran showing off all the great samples using her Melt Media technique.

See the entire product line of Embossing Powder and Fran•táge Embossing Enamels on our website to imagine the possibilities!

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5 thoughts on “NAMTA Show with Fran•táge Melt Media!

  1. Ooooooh….LOVE wonderful, messy, and gorgeous embossing powder projects!!! lol… Can’t wait to see more of these!! Do I dare hope for there to be a hop with these techniques????
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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  2. Oh I sooo wish I had a hot griddle, been looking for one in the UK for ages! So much more Frantage magic could be cooked in my home then! lol. All great fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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