Autism Awareness Day Blog Hop

LIU Blog Hop Our design team CAS rockstar, Tenia Nelson, has pulled together a fabulous blog hop today in honor of her son, Theo, who was diagnosed with autism almost a year ago.

Along with friend, Veronica Salis, they have created this hop to bring Autism Awareness to the crafting community and since we LOVE our design team we decided to help Tenia spread the word by sponsoring a giveaway.

Learn more about their super hero, get hop details and deadlines on

Tenia’s blog, Jazzy Paper Designs


Veronica’s blog, So Many Stamps, So Little Time

34 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Day Blog Hop

  1. My family has been fortunate that we have not had autism in our family. My daughter taught autistic kids for several years and she was happy to be of help to them. thanks for helping with the hop


  2. So very excited about this Light It Up Blue blog hop!! Thanks for being a sponsor!! Thanks so much for participating and supporting this hop!! I hope you have a REALLY GREAT day!!!


  3. This is awesome. I am already hopping along. Thank you for spreading the work and being one of the sponsors. What better way to honor and support a cause than to make it known by doing a hop. So many have already hopped and as I see it. 100+ is a good start for awareness. HUGS


  4. Thanks Tenia and Veronica for spreading the word and bringing the light. Thank you too to Dreamweavers/ Stampendous for sponsoring!


  5. Thank you for Sponsoring a wonderful cause. I have been hopping along, which is how I ended up here. Now I’m off to hop some more:)


  6. Really heart-warming blog hop, with so much creative projects !
    Thank you for sponsoring this hop, and caring about autism !
    Happy Easter !


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