Have A Cup Cake with Us

It’s time for a sweet treat with our tea and this Teacup Cupcake pairs nicely with our Teapot Posies or Teacup Trio from earlier in the week.

Teacup Cupcake Stamp (Wood Mounted)

Lea Kimmel’s blue rose version with pink frosted cupcake are just darling!

Teacup Cupcake by Lea Kimmel

I’m just sure that Jennie Lin Black whipped up buttercream frosting with those hints of pale yellow shading, it’s just making my mouth water!

Teacup Cupcake by Jennie Lin Black

Enjoy the sweet treats from our designers today and we’ll see you soon!

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Kimmel

Tenia Nelson

Asia King


6 thoughts on “Have A Cup Cake with Us

  1. So very pretty! I am now craving cupcakes thanks to these yummy looking treats!! Will have to get hubby to get the makings from the store since I ran out of flour! I will bake enough for all of us and since you all are not close enough I will have to eat your share! LOL Have a great weekend and see you next post!


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