Do Come for Tea!

Would you like a cup of tea? It really is no problem, we were just about to make a pot of tea for ourselves and wouldn’t be a trouble to pour a cup for you. Oh we are so excited to share our teapot and teacups with you this week. You might get a little thirsty for a proper cup by the end of the week or maybe a stamp or two!

In any case our lovely teapot has another purpose of keeping a bunch of fresh posies looking pretty.  Indeed it does!

Teapot Posies Rubber Stamp

It’s even more pretty as designer Monika created a card with a spring floral arrangement to match the teapot, but also a sweet teabag sentiment with the floral section of the stamp. Now that’s creative!

Teapot Posies by Monika Thomas

Thank you for stopping by to share a bit of or tea inspiration and we know that you’ll enjoy stopping by some of our designer’s blog for a bit more tea inspiration.

Wendy Price

Kristine Reynolds

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