Classic Christmas, Modern Conveniences

Imagine finding a classic Christmas card tucked into the pages of a recent flea market find. Its unique scene and joyful characters make you smile and your crafty fingers get the itch to recreate it with your own style.

Our Stampendous Stamps of the Vintage Yule variety can make an easy task of your new good tidings card. This week our Vintage Yule theme will give you a good start to recreating those classics. Our designers will be joining us later in the week with some great ideas and in the mean time here are a few to get us started.

Vintage Couple by Tobi Crawford
Vintage Couple Card by Tobi Crawford

Tobi’s card has some fantastic vintage Fran•táge Essentials with our Vintage Couple Stamp. Have you looked at our how-to videos? Find out how to create with the Encrusted Jewel Technique with a Christmas theme.


Truck of Gifts Card by Janelle Stollfus
Truck of Gifts Card by Janelle Stollfus

This vintage truck is the Truck of Gifts Stamp that not only reminds us of a simpler time, but also couldn’t be more simple to create a card for Christmas. Stamp and color is really all there is to do, like Janelle’s card above.

Train Postcard Card by Debi Hammons
Train Postcard Card by Debi Hammons

Debi Hammons has the wintry scene beautifully created on this card with our Train Postcard Stamp and Fran•táge Essentials.

Each of these samples today have project instructions. For your convenience click on the linked caption below each photo.

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