What is Your Quick Card Style?

This week we’ve been sharing quick holiday cards and there are so many great samples to cover that we hope you’ll take a look in the projects section of our website. Each project has supply lists and instructions and we’ll send you in that direction today with our quick card samples of the day.

Snowflake Tree Card by Tenia Nelson
Snowflake Tree Card by Tenia Nelson

Tenia used only one color with her cardstock and some embossing powder for some bling to make this card quick with a whole lot of wow! Check out the instructions for this one here.

If you are short on time to color an image, you can always use color cardstock to bring some life into the image. Look at these cute Christmas Hedgehogs on a card by Wendy Price. Supplies and instructions are available for Wendy’s card here.

Hedgehog Pair Card Wendy Price
Hedgehog Pair Card by Wendy Price

If you are in the mood for some coloring then pair it with texture for a finished look to your card. Monika Thomas has Christmas Owl colored so nicely on her card and added some great texture with fabric and ribbon. Doesn’t it look great!

Christmas Owl by Monika Thomsa
Christmas Owl by Monika Thomas

It’s our last designer hop for Quick Holiday Cards week. We sure have enjoyed bringing you all these wonderful quick card project ideas using Stampendous stamps and Essentials.

Kristine Reynolds

Still need some Stampendous inspiration for Christmas? See our Christmas Inspiration board, of course!

2 thoughts on “What is Your Quick Card Style?

  1. I really don’t have a quick card style. I would want to fuss over it and add more. Sigh, I do however keep a box of predone cards from previous years and when I just felt like making extra. I turn to that when I need something last minute.

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