Counting(down) Crows to Halloween

Stampendous crow and raven stamps are among our very top sellers this time of year!  In addition to our new Crow Caw stamp, and our classic Raven Background stamp, we also have our terrific Crowscape! This large background stamp is perfect for adding any focal point or greeting! Take a look at this amazing card from Jennifer Dove featuring this image! Love how she tore the top then “stitched” it closed!

Crowscape card by Jennifer Dove

Or this fantastic bookmark by Wendy Price showing how even a small part of this stamp can be highly effective!

Crowscape Bookmark by Wendy Price
Crowscape Bookmark by Wendy Price

Some of our Design Team Members would like to share their crow creations with you during our Ravens Rule week! Flap on over and give them some comment treats!

Jamie Martin

6 thoughts on “Counting(down) Crows to Halloween

  1. How have I missed this amazing stamp? I am in love!!!! Will be saving my pennies so I can get this incredible stamp in my hands!!! I can see lots of different ways to use it even after Halloween!! An idea just popped into my head as I am typing this and I cannot wait to have the $$ to order it!!! Thanks for highlighting it so that I know about it now!!! I guess your plan worked! LOL Have a great day!!!


  2. What a super stamp. I think this stamp may just be the one I buy this year for my Halloween projects. I love that tag!! The colors are just wonderful. Hats off to all the talented designers.


  3. Would have loved to read some info about the making of that first fantastic card. (I can honestly say that I’ve never CASED a card in my life, but would love to CASE this one! :)) I didn’t see a link to any instructions or even a real description of the card. And I have to be honest, whenever there is a link included to take me to Jennifer Dove’s blog/website, It never really takes me to the project you show on this blog… it always takes me to somewhere else on her site and even though I’ve sometimes tried to search around her site I can never find the Stampendous project I’m supposed to be able to see. I’ve been disappointed so many times upon arrival at her site that I won’t even bother to try going there anymore. As demonstrated by this wonderful card, she is very talented, but the links to her projects for Stampendous need to work correctly like all your other designers’ links do.


  4. Just bought this stamp,and was wondering how to use it,Thanks for the ideas ,I have quite a few now and the quality is very good,and always look forward to them on create and craft ,Regards Linda


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