Dazzling Blog Hop Winners!

Prize Package from Add a Little Dazzle


It was a week of fantastic fun with all the designer projects combining Add A Little Dazzle and Stampendous products. You did your part and commented and now it’s time to see who gets to make their own goodies with free products!

We counted up the blog hop posts from the whole week of  bloggers, put that number into Random.org, and chose three posts from which to pick our comment prize winners. Our bloggers were Gracielle, Pam Hornschu, and Keren Baker. We totaled the comments on each post…subtracted the ones from DT members, then we used Random.org again to choose a winning number from each of those blogs:


 Gracielle posted on a Delicate Snowflakes card and here is commenter 11 :

Winner 1 from Graciellie Design's blog

Pam Hornschu posted her Cardinal Gift box and commenter 17:

Winner 2 from Pam Hornshu's blog

Keren Baker’s Blog posted the Snowman Banners Gift Bag and commenter 32:

Winner 3 from Keren Baker's blog

So Burning Rubber, Donna and Janis, please email us your mailing address at submissions@stampendous.com and we’ll get a Prize Package right out to each of you! Congratulations! And thanks so much to all of you who took time to comment on the blogs. It means so much to the individual bloggers to get your happy feedback!

A note about our Blog Contests – we’ve heard from some of you that you think the same people win all the time on blog contests all over the web. Yep, you’re probably right! We want to assure you that all our drawings are completely random (except that if the name we draw doesn’t have a US mailing address or we can’t tell if you have a U.S. mailing address, we put that name back and draw again).

Want to increase your chances of winning? You’ll notice that winners comment on lots and lots of blogs and lots and lots of posts. That can be time-consuming, sure, they’re earning their winnings. We’ve got some familiar names among the comments on our blog and other social media! We’re super grateful to and appreciative of the folks who time and again visit us on the web, tell us they like what we’re doing, and share it with their friends. They’re doing exactly what we want them to do, and we’re really happy when they win! We won’t tell them they can only win every few months, or otherwise limit them. If we did, they wouldn’t visit us as often. We want you to know that our contests winners are chosen completely at random. Enter more = win more! It’s that easy. Thanks for playing. If you need our Official Rules, they’re always available.

9 thoughts on “Dazzling Blog Hop Winners!

  1. Congratulations to the three lucky winners!!! As to the people who are complaining about the same people winning all the time I totally agree with your statement that they ARE earning each and every prize. I have about 6-8 blogs that I visit every single day to see if there is a new post, contest or not, and love interacting with those companies on their blogs, FB, Pinterest and Twitter. I have noticed a trend that if there are giveaways there are FAR MORE comments than if there is not a giveaway. I don’t cry sour grapes that prize hoppers win the prizes and don’t think that others should complain that I win the random prize here and there.
    Keep up the good work and I will be watching for new posts and commenting whether I have a chance to win or not!!! See you next post!


  2. Thanks so much, Stampendous!!! And congratulations to all the winners!!! This hop was so totally gorgeous and inspiring. I am thrilled to be a winner! I am emailing you right now.

    Janelle, I appreciate you saying what you did about the drawings being completely random. After I win a drawing, I usually lay off of that blog for a little while. But I do check a bunch of blogs most days, too, and spend a lot of time reading the posts and making what I hope are meaningful comments. I have been the very lucky winner of a lot of wonderful products that I would never have been able to afford, otherwise. For that I thank you and all the other companies for this generosity. When I use these fabulous craft items, I make a special mention of thanks on my blog.

    Of course, I have discovered that the more I win, the more I also spend on craft items! The terrific introductions the blog posts and prizes give me to new items and uses, the longer and longer my wish lists get! lol…. So I think perhaps the hops are accomplishing what they intend!! 🙂

    Thank you, again, Stampendous!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  3. I’m retired. I have lots of hours to devote to blog hopping. I enter a lot of contests and I win a lot (I was one of the winners for the Add a Little Dazzle part of this hop). I’m glad you aren’t thinking about setting limits on participation. When I win a gift certificate I usually end up spending more than the amount of the certificate. I also get lots of ideas from the blogs and see products that I purchase without the benefit of a contest. thanks for having the hops and thanks for introducing me to companies that I’ve not heard of before (Add a Little….. was one of those).


  4. Congratulations to the lucky threesome! I love the way you’ve answered the queries about regular names coming up! Thanks for letting me a part of the fun Stampendous and Add a Little Dazzle blog hop! x


  5. Congratulations to the lucky ladies and thank you Stampendous for your generosity! I love all the inspiration and spend time learning from all your designers. So appreciate you having blog hops to learn even more about other products and their uses with yours. Never stop having these please! I so appreciate all your generous time consuming efforts for our behalf.


  6. I won? Really?? Wow! Thanks in advance for my prize package! I can hardly wait to see what it is!!! I had a blast with this blog hop and I learned a lot of things!! Thanks again!!!

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