We’re having technical difficulties!


We’d like to apologize that our website is currently not available.  Various technical issues have made it necessary for us to take http://www.stampendous.com offline for a short period of time.

There are LOTS of ways you can still see our products and place an order with us!

You can see our catalogs as cool flippy books online at the links below, you can enlarge a catalog to full screen by pressing on this icon Full Screen IconYour ESC key will return your screen to normal.

You can download a catalog to your computer with this icon

download icon

It will become a .pdf file wherever your downloads are normally saved.


Click on the catalog cover to download, print or view as a flip book online.

Stampendous July 2014 Catalog
Stampendous Products for Holiday 2014

Stampendous April 2014 Catalog
Stampendous Products for Summer

Stampendous January 2014 Catalog
Contains All Stampendous Current Essentials

Stampendous October 2013 Catalog
New Products for Spring 2014

You can place a wholesale or retail order easily.
By Phone: 800-869-0474.
By Fax: 714-688-0297
By Email: stamp@stampendous.com

Please don’t email a credit card number. That’s not secure. If you include all your contact information on your order, we’ll contact you for the payment method.

In addition, we’d like to encourage you to order our products at any time from these fine online retailers, simply type Stampendous in the search bar or search by brand name  –

Addicted to Rubber Stampshttp://www.addictedtorubberstamps.com/ 

Frantic Stamper, Inchttp://www.franticstamper.com/

1-2-3 Stitchhttp://www.123stitch.com/


Many of our products are also available in local retail locations and larger craft stores. Feel free to email our customer service department at stamp@stampendous.com for a list of retailers in your area.

Thank you so much for your business and your patience. We’ll have the situation corrected as soon as possible.


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