Playing with ICE Resin

Hello Stampers! We sure hope you enjoyed our blog hop with the Dreamweaver Stencils team last week. We really appreciate all the nice comments everyone left on our blog and those of our team members. Thanks so much for checking out the art. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow, so stay tuned!

This week we’re joining with two more craft industry partners, ICE Resin and Imagine Crafts. We’ll be using our stamps, Imagine Crafts’ Tsukineko® Staz-On™ ink and ICE Resin, bezels and embellishments to make some terrific jewelry. We know some of you have looked at this process when we’ve shared it before and probably thought, “I should try that someday!” Well, there’s no time like the present. This process is so easy and simple that you really need to just dive in, you’ll fall in love with it, we promise, and you’ll be creating jewelry for yourself and all your friends before you know it. The biggest benefit of these projects is that you never have to wonder what you’ll do with it when it’s done! People are so excited to wear your creations!

Our Decorative Painting Artist, Debbie Cole, has fallen in love with Resin Creating. She’s inspired us to make several Perfectly Clear Stamp™ Sets of smaller images that are ideal for making jewelry and resin projects. You can see one of Debbie’s terrific projects on her blog – HERE   This project was published recently in Just Steampunk Magazine Vol 4 (along with a lot of other great art from our team!)

Steampunk Lady Necklace by Debbie Cole
Steampunk Lady Necklace by Debbie Cole


Our other designers as well as those on the ICE Resin and Imagine Crafts teams have made some stunning creations to wow you. The official hop for prizes will be a little different this time. We’ll post some more ideas tomorrow and Wednesday, then the “real hop” will be Thursday through Sunday. Just remember to leave comments everywhere you can and you’ll be sure to be entered for the great prize package we’re offering. The lucky winner will get some ICE Resin, bezels, Staz-On Ink, and, of course, some terrific Stampendous Perfectly Clear Stamps designed especially for your jewelry making projects.


***Blog Hop Hint – if you click on a link that takes you to a page saying something like, “Sorry this page cannot be found,” just click on the header at the top of the blog (usually a picture, or the blog’s name), and it will take you to that blog’s most recent post. That post *should* be our hop. If not, you can probably scroll down a short way to find the hop post.

9 thoughts on “Playing with ICE Resin

    • It’s not messy or scary, Katie! The injector lets you squeeze out perfectly measured amounts, just as much as you want, Then you stir slowly with a craft stick, pour, and toss the cup and stick. Set it in a safe place to harden and sit on your hands for 24 hours! P.S. might want to cover it while drying if you have a cat…resin sticks to cats. They do not like it stuck to them. (voice of experience here)


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