Scenic Lookout – Take a Shopping Break!

If you’re out shopping today, or just relaxing at home with family or friends, we hope you can take a short break to check out some fun inspiration from our Design Team! We’re looking this week at the Scenic stamps from our July 2013 Catalog, those images of Winter Wonderlands and Sleigh Bells ringing that say Christmas to so many folks.

Today we had a number of our talented Design Team Members coloring our Truck of Gifts! We put in a request to them that we received from a customer, and they really took it to heart, challenging each other and creating exciting art! Take a look at the offerings from these terrific artists!

Janelle Stollfus

Lea Kimmel

Tobi Crawford

And here’s a terrific example from our in-house sample artist Debi Hammons

Truck of Gifts by Debi Hammons
Truck of Gifts by Debi Hammons

One thought on “Scenic Lookout – Take a Shopping Break!

  1. Love this truck! I shopped for a grand total of about 3 minutes and that was my big BF shopping spree! Sadly money is too tight to get the goodies I want! I have an order all set to go at your shop but have to wait for the money fairy to show up to finish it! LOL Thanks for sharing all these great creations with me all year long! I am always inspired to go create after checking your blog daily!!


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