This year, no “prancing and pawing…”!!

Santa is definitely coming to town, but not in the usual way! We saw Monday that he’s streamlining the task with Hot Air Balloons, but he’s also considering something more down to earth. Our new Santa Roadster stamp definitely has him distributing the goods in style!

P209 Santa Roadster
P209 Santa Roadster

Still fun to color, still available in woodmounted or Cling Rubber™, this Santa is in a hurry to get those presents delivered! If you had a bit more time and wanted a larger card, you could stamp him racing through our Winter Scape:

P217 Winter Scape
P217 Winter Scape

How would you do that? Simple! Masking.  It’s an easy technique that gets you an amazing, layered look from your images.

Simply stamp the Santa Roadster image first, near the bottom of your panel, since he’s “in front”.

roadster only copy

Then stamp him again on a sticky note pad, making sure some of the stick is behind his most detailed area, like the presents. Don’t bother reinking. And don’t bother with parts you don’t need.

sticky mask

Cut out the sticky image by cutting OFF the outside black line. Use sharp scissors, and if you’re making lots of cards, cut 2 or three at a time by leaving them stuck together.

cut three masks

Place one sticky Santa over the Santa Roadster you stamped on your card panel.

mask roadster

Then stamp your background over the top.

stamp over mask

Voila!  Remove mask and Color!

roadster image

A couple tips – practice on scratch paper to see how you want them to work together. Don’t be afraid to get your face down by the table to line them up. There are lots of positioning tools on the market to help you align your images if you’re a perfectionist.

But it’s super easy!

Special Delivery Santa by Laura Weed
Special Delivery Santa by Laura Weed

4 thoughts on “This year, no “prancing and pawing…”!!

  1. As the McDonald’s commercial says, “I’m lovin’ it!”. I love masking because it enables me to “create” new stamped images. Thanks Laura for sharing this wonderful image!


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