Birthday Mail Campaign

BIRTHDAY_MAIL_CAMPAIGN is a new website inviting folks to participate in a huge variety of activities to give back to their communities. They post women’s issues, pets available for adoption, and so much more. Now they’ve started a trend that Stampendous can really get behind!  Birthday Mail is a campaign running from July 30 – October 11, 2013 to collect handmade birthday cards at homeless shelters to help homeless children celebrate their birthdays! We were so excited about this idea that we immediately popped a pile of cards in a priority mail envelope and sent it off! We love handmade birthday cards and think everyone deserves one! We know you do, too.

Find out more: DO Birthday Mail

Make some cards and share them! Make them with friends, make them with your children, make them with your church or school group! will award one lucky card maker a $4,000 scholarship, but that’s just a bonus!  The real joy will come from sharing your talent with others!

Share your card on our Facebook Page when you share it on the Birthday Mail Website and we’ll enter you to win our darling Birthday Kiddos Perfectly Clear Stamps! Now THAT sounds like a winning proposition!!

SSC1164 Kiddos Birthday Perfectly Clear Stamps
SSC1164 Kiddos Birthday Perfectly Clear Stamps

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