Our New Friends are Delightfully Cheesy!

Our darling new stamps feature the adorable mice from House-Mouse Designs®. And, like all mice, these love cheese. In fact, that’s how Mudpie came by the little nick in his left ear! Maxwell and he were racing for a piece of Swiss cheese one day, and, well, Maxwell got a bit confused! We are having so much fun learning to use adjectives like “mice” instead of “nice” and find the clever puns that come with these characters delightfully cheesy!

Sweet Halloween by Jamie Martin
Sweet Halloween by Jamie Martin

And the Cheesiest Greetings you’ll ever find…

We’ve worked with the great folks at House-Mouse Designs® to create some silly, funny, cheesy holiday greetings to use with your mice. These Digital Downloads coordinate perfectly with specific images to provide you the “micest” experience possible when making cards for the upcoming Fall and Winter Holidays. We know you’ll find them impossible to resist! Look for these greetings on the samples from our Design Team as well, you’ll find lots of great ideas for using them here on our blog and on our website. Each Digital Download comes with a .zip file containing each phrase in .jpg, .png, and .eps format. Some are handwritten in Fran’s popular style, some of them use fonts. You can see each one and what’s included on it’s product page. None of these files include mouse images, those are shown for reference only. The files include the sentiments only.

Check out what today’s designers have for you! (and remember… Free Shipping!!)

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Kimmel

10 thoughts on “Our New Friends are Delightfully Cheesy!

  1. Mice dressed up as candy corn….and the little one trailing behind to pick up the spilled one. ADORABLE!!!
    ❤ J


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