You can Do It Yourself! With Stampendous and DIY Bangles

We’re having another fun week this week with our friends over at DIY Bangles. These beautiful unfinished products like wood bangle bracelets, beads, wreath forms, etc., just beg to be decorated with our fantastic products. And our Design Team have created some great projects for you this week! We’ll be posting new mini-hops every day and lots of fun on Saturday. With your chance, as usual, to win some fantastic Stampendous products and some from DIY Bangles as well.

Remember that today is the last day of our Black Friday – Cyber Monday shipping deal! Wondering what to buy? Well, add some of this stampy goodness to your cart and watch yourself making all sorts of fantastic projects to give or keep this Christmas Season. Sharing with us today (be sure to leave them some comments for your chance to win!):

Barb Turpin

Jennifer Ingle (Jingle)

Kristine Reynolds

This week we’ll be sharing some projects with you as well. Wendy Price started all of this by creating some amazing bangles and beads that left the whole team oohing and aahing in astonishment. Then she showed us how easy it was. Here’s one set she created using Embossing Enamels that was so gorgeous I’ve worn it a number of times already, including at CHA in Chicago this summer! You can find out how she made them HERE.

DIY Bangles Bracelet by Wendy Price
DIY Bangles Bead Earrings by Wendy Price

12 thoughts on “You can Do It Yourself! With Stampendous and DIY Bangles

  1. all these creations are beautiful. its hard to believe they are wood and look so expensive. thank you for sharing these projects and techniques.


  2. I’m so glad you posted the jewelry. I saw the set of embossing enamels a few months ago and bought them, but I didn’t really know what to do with them. I’m not really into shabby chic, and was looking for some projects I would like, but never found any that were my style until I found this post. Now I know I want to try this jewelry!

    I only wish it was easier to find your embossing products. It seems like none of the chains in our area can get the ones I want. I was just lucky to find the kit of small vials, and we don’t have any stamping stores.

    Please give us more ideas that aren’t either shabby or messy looking!


    • Kathi, We try to give lots of different ideas, so we’ll work more in, believe me! Our Challenge Theme for December is Clean And Simple Christmas Cards, so we hope you’ll play along if that’s a style you like. You can see the complete collection and buy our Fran•táge Essentials on our website. These orders are often fulfilled by local stores carrying our products. It’s a great way to find a new place to shop in your area. You can also look HERE to find retailers close to you that carry our products. Many of them are thrilled to order whatever you need! Thanks so much for your commment!


  3. I’ve been wanting to expand my creativity into jewelry making and what better time than with these fun bangles! And these gals make creating with them look SO easy! These are definitely on my “must try” list for the holidays!


  4. These projects are all gorgeous! I would love to try to make one. I especially like the tip about practicing on a wooden tongue depressor to see how it works first.


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