Saturday Coordination with Core’dinations!

Jumbo Cardinals with Core’dinations by Lisa Hindsley

Here’s Lisa’s Supply List:

CRS5038 Jumbo Cardinals, Core’dinations TH card stock, Aged Ivory Embossing Enamel, VersaMark Watermark Ink, StazOn Timber Brown Ink, Colored Pencils and Sand Paper.

Lisa started by sanding the card stock for a rustic look and stamped the image with Timber Brown Ink. The key was to use the color of the card stock to match each bird, so she used the red paper for the male cardinal and the Coconut Cream for the female. She stamped two images (one in each color), then tore the paper and pieced it together to show off the rustic look of the torn edges. Of course it wouldn’t be Stampendous if we didn’t Fran•táge a little bit, so she also added a bit of the Aged Ivory Embossing Enamel as a dusting of snow for these lovely winter birds. She also used our Scrolled Seasons stamp to finish off the inside, and had a lot of fun tearing paper and creating a flurry of snow with a small round brush (no adhesive was used to make the swirl), and heating the whole thing from underneath.

Inside of Cardinal Card by Lisa Hindlsey

So if you want to win some prizes – visit these blogs below and leave comments! We’ll draw random bloggers to choose random commenters to win!

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Wendy Price

By the way! (yeah, this two hop weeks in a row thing…not happening again! LOL) you’ve asked about winners for the May Arts blog. We’ll post all winners from both blogs in a big post tomorrow or Monday. It will be tagged Winners so if you search for that at the top of the blog you’ll find it easily, so you don’t miss it!  Thanks for your patience.

31 thoughts on “Saturday Coordination with Core’dinations!

  1. I love love love the card and the cardinals stamp! Unfortunately, I can’t find a store or web site that has the stamp! Living in NC where the cardinal is our state bird, it would be nice to send Christmas cards to our family and friends who live in different parts of the country using this stamp.
    Thanks for such a creative card!


    • Thanks, Kathy- it should be available on our website. Just click on the name of the stamp in the supply list above, and it should take you to the stamp on the Stampendous website.


    • Kathy I realize this is a year after you asked where to get the Jumbo Cardinal stamp it is still available on I also just got it from agree that this is a beautiful stamp and the Cardinal is also my home state’s bird and love them


      • Great find, Beverly! Yes, we’ve been blessed that has taken a number of our products this year! Please do look there for your favorites. Also some of our customers like and that graciously fulfill our website orders have large stock of our older favorites. Check out our store locator when you’re looking to find something. Not being on our website sure doesn’t mean that our wholesale customers are sold out! It just means we don’t have it.


  2. really like this card. the texture on the front of the card and of course such a nice touch inside with the snow feel makes the card so heart warming seasonal…
    ava g


  3. I am so loving all the great projects for the hop! The combination of stamping and Coredinations paper is awesome! Love the cardinal card!


  4. This is such a beautiful card. It is so creative in the way it is stamped and put together! The stamp is beautiful and I love the use of the Core’dinations paper this way!


  5. Wow, this an unbelievably wonderful card!!! Please, please, please share a tutorial on exactly how the small round brush was used to create what you’re calling the “snow flurry”. The “no adhesive” part has me puzzled.

    I have not seen any of your Christmas Jumbo cling stamps in any of my local stores yet and 3 of the stores do carry some Stampendous stamps and have had some of the other Jumbo cling stamps. I know I read that you are having trouble keeping the Jumbo Cling Poinsettia in stock due to it’s popularity, but I’m really surprised that I haven’t seen at least some of your new Christmas (and other seasonal) stamps in the stores yet. Archiver’s has been displaying Christmas cards for weeks now, but they don’t even seem to have any of your new seasonal stamps. Last year I bought some of your newest Halloween stamps at Archiver’s and Joann’s as well, but this year none were to be found so far. And it’s looking like your Christmas stamps will be scarce to non-existent in my local stores as well. If your stamp manufacturer can’t keep up with the demand maybe you need a new manufacturer!


    • Thanks for asking CC… This year JoAnn’s did not take any new images for Halloween or Christmas, so that explains that. Michael’s has taken several, including several of the Jumbo Cling stamps, but they are not setting their Christmas display until November this year. A new thing they are trying. So keep looking there for the images. The selection in these large chains will vary as they have several “sizes” of stores, and some will have all the products they chose, while others will have fewer choices. The best solution is to ask for our products in stores where you’d like to see them. When our customers let these stores know they’d like to see our new images, the stores listen. Thanks so much for your support of Stampendous! Most of our Christmas Jumbos will be returning next year, as well, due to their popularity.


    • The “no adhesive” part is easy. Hold your card flat, Sprinkle Embossing Enamel across part of your card, use a dry paintbrush to nudge the powder into swirls as shown, then heat from beneath with your heat tool to avoid blowing powder off the paper. Super simple, but super dynamic.


      • Thank you so much for replying to both parts of my comment!!! I will definitely try this embssing powder technique and also speak up in my local stores for more Stampendous stamps. I’m so happy to hear that the new Christmas Jumbo clings will still be available next year. I’m hoping to collect many of these new ones so that will give me time! 🙂


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