May Arts Ribbon Blog Collaboration – Grand Finale!

The big Blog Hop is here! You will have so many inspiring things to look at today! Hope you have a huge beverage, a warm kitten, and a really comfy chair! All the designers have pulled out all the stops and the spools have been flying. Wait until you see the gorgeousness by these talented designers!

I also wanted to share a recent project I made using tons of May Arts ribbon and Stampendous Stamps. Inspired by a Creation by Candy Rosenberg that I saw at CHA this summer, I created a similar dress to wear to a charity benefit where the theme was Red Shoes and Moulin Rouge. My dress was a bit more flexible than Candy’s, being designed for actual wear, but I was so pleased with it, and it was a huge hit. I think I used just about every single red and black ribbon that May Arts makes, and the tags are stamped, Encrusted Jewel Techniqued, and distressed with coffee spritzing. It’s truly fabulous and is doubling as my Halloween Costume this year and probably Renaissance Faire next year (ours has turned definitely Steampunk).

Steampunk Tag Dress by Laura Weed
Single Tag with Corset Ladies and Eiffel Tower Perfectly Clear Stamps

Each tag is different and it’s just fantastic! Candy used a hand constructed grid of wire for her skirt, I used two black mesh laundry bags from Walmart for mine! The bonus is that the drawstring at the top meant I didn’t have to make a casing or thread it for a super great closure!

So get hopping and commenting! We have three prizes of stamps and ribbon today and May Arts will have some as well.  We’ll choose random comments from random blogs and announce winners on Monday (so come back)!

24 thoughts on “May Arts Ribbon Blog Collaboration – Grand Finale!

  1. I’ve “hopped till I dropped” back here this morning and I saw lots of fabulous ideas and creations. The dress is absolutely facinating and I liked seeing ideas for home decor scattered throughout the card ideas. I basically create cards but am inspired to try some of the ideas I saw, especially the wall hanging decor! Great job everyone!


    • Sorry, Kristi, I’m fixing the links now, but if you get to someone’s blog and the link doesn’t work, just click on their blog header. For most everyone it will be the “home” post today!


  2. You are a master costume designer because this outfit is divine!…and don’t you look stunning! Love that hat.

    The project posted is the perfect compliment to the outfit, for sure. Great job.


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