! A CHA find – Stampendous Fun!!

Walking through CHA in Chicago, I saw a quiet little booth on a corner. had a table full of colored stickers sporting QR codes and an extremely friendly staff full of smiles. As a huge enthusiast for QR codes, I stopped to see what they were offering.

SUPER FUN!!  Say you’re making a layout of your baby, and a cute little video, taken on your phone maybe, of your son laughing would just make the layout complete.


You upload your video to their site using the code on their sticker (be sure to create an account first, we learned that the hard way), then put the sticker on your layout! (I removed the code from this one, we already used it)

Anyone with a smartphone can see your video by scanning your sticker. Or visit the website and type in your code. OH MY!! The possibilities are staggering!

Video, music, a slideshow of additional photos… just about anything can become content for your project. And your purchase of their stickers guarantees you web hosting of your content forever (on Amazon’s secure servers).

We couldn’t resist… they gave us a handful of stickers, and I mailed them to the Design Team. Plus I have plenty for prizes! Every so often we’ll post some projects using these cool stickers and give some away. You can purchase their stickers on their website, and soon they’ll be available in your local JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.

Recently, my husband and I visited the Sprinkles Cupcake store in Beverly Hills, California. This store has a 24 hour ATM machine that dispenses cupcakes!! It’s absolutely the most fun you can ever have for $4, and the cupcakes are incredible. I had to scrapbook the experience! But the little machine sings the cutest song at you after your purchase (which I am still singing), and we had a few issues with getting it to accept our payment, very funny,  so I had to video tape it with my iPhone. Being able to add that video to my layout, it just made the whole page for me!! (my code is YVTRNBVYFW if you want to try it)

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM by Laura Weed

I used our Cling Cupcake XL stamp, Cling Icing Fluffles, and our Perfectly Clear™ Stamps Hey There, Cupcake!.

The clear stamps, embossed with our Crystal Embossing Powder, create a background just like that expensive, embossed patterned paper you can buy, but mine is exactly the colors of the Sprinkles building!

The Crystal EP ads a fantastic touch to the frosting, too.

Some of our other Designers have played with stickers this week as well. Please visit their blogs and make a comment. Each Designer will choose a winner from their comments, and we’ll send you some stickers plus, of course, some Stampendous goodness!!

Kristine Reynolds

Wendy Price

The folks at are having a contest as well. You can request a free sticker on their Facebook page and submit a project of any kind by August 15th to be entered in a drawing for $250!! Details on their website!

Leave a comment below…I’ll draw a sticker winner from our blog as well!

10 thoughts on “! A CHA find – Stampendous Fun!!

  1. What will they think of next?! Great idea!! Also, loved your layout and have to go to California and try this place! Am off to see Stkr.idea, now, and blog hop! This is the most fun blog!!


  2. So this is way old, and maybe you already drew some winners? But just in case you haven’t, are you gonna? I have a video that would be PERFECT to include in a layout!


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