Let’s Get to Know EnviroTex Resin!

Carmi Cimiata is a fun and funny gal. She runs the viviacious Resin Crafts Blog where she explores the most amazing uses of EnviroTex Craft Resin. Take a walk through her projects, they will astound you. She makes it look so easy we just had to try it.

We saw the potential immediately! With all our terrific images plus all the amazing things you can float or embed in the resin…ooh… Fran•táge, here we come!

NATURALLY there are Prizes!! Carmi has 3 prize packages for our fans in Canada where she lives. She’ll draw three Canadian winners from the comments on her blog all week.

We have 3 prize packages for our friends with US mailing addresses.

  • We’ll draw one winner from the weekly comments on our blog.
  • We’ll draw one winner from the comments on Saturday’s Big Blog Hop
  • We’ll draw one winner from Facebook – You need to SHARE one or more of our posts about this project on your Timeline **

Each prize package from us will include a pack of Jewelry Resin, a bottle cap, bezel and button to try, and the Stampendous Charm Collection Perfectly Clear Stamps – perfect jewelry sized stamps for your crafting pleasure!

I used those fantastic stamps to make a really great necklace pendant!

I started with some cool bezels I found at Michael’s Craft Stores. (by the way the Jewelry Resin is sold at Michael’s as well) I’m loving their new Bead Landing products in the Jewelry section.

I measured the opening and stamped the tiny damask chair from the Charm Collection with white ink and the little pattern as a background with VersaMark on a piece of purple paper. I glued it into the bezel with white glue.

The directions tell you to paint a layer of white glue over any paper thing you’re using, so I did that. When it was dry I used some more white glue on a paint brush to add some Black Crushed Glass Glitter to the edges. Then I mixed and poured a very small amount of resin on this. Do be sure to read the instructions carefully and completely.

While the first resin layer dried, I cut some acetate pieces to size and stamped the chandelier on the acetate with Jet Black Stazon.  I placed it on top of the resin and poured more resin over the top.  Here is where my lesson of the day came in. After pouring my resin my son and I went to dinner. Just as a side note, wet resin sticks to cats. Cats run all over the house when wet resin is sticking to them. A few paw prints later, I just poured more resin over the top, and it looked as good as new. But do cover your drying project with an upside down plastic container of some sort. Lesson learned! Here’s my finished bezel:

And then I did a little more shopping in Michael’s jewelry section. My completed creation will be so wonderful for Halloween wearing!

Halloween Necklace by Laura Weed

You can see my resin overflowed my bezel a little. (thanks, cats!) I will trim that off with a craft knife once it’s soft cured for 24 hours.

So let’s check out the Design Team Members who have made something fun for us today.  Visit them, leave some love! Win some cool stuff!

ResinCrafts Blog

Cyndi Bundy

Kristine Reynolds

Susie Moore

Wendy Jordan

If the links above didn’t make it on to the Resin Crafts Blog post, please come back here to continue the hop! – Thanks!

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How do I SHARE a post? Visit our page on Facebook  – Stampendous – We’ll keep an EnviroTex post pinned at the top this week – just find it and click on SHARE underneath the post, it’s blue. It will pop up a window that says Share On Your Own Timeline. You can write a message in the box if you like then click Share This Link. That’s it…easy!!

23 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know EnviroTex Resin!

  1. I love this! The necklace is absolutely beautiful. I had never heard of the resin and I am so excited to try it now! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!


  2. I love that you guys are always introducing us to new products and companies. I’m really excited to see what you’re going to show us this week!


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