Introducing Fran•táge!

Mix up a bit of montage and eclectic collage with a touch of vintage timelessness á la Fran Seiford, and what do you get? Fran•táge! We are so happy to present this beautiful collection of perennial designs and samples to our Stampendous friends! Take a look a some of the beautiful samples below!

P125 Swirly Bird Nest by Jennifer Dove. Remember, the Swirly Bird gets the worm! In birdspeak, that’s a good thing!

The Swirly Bird also gets a necklace! Fran made this trendy tag design with shrink art and some gorgeous glass beads.

P118 Deco Lady with the sunshine to her face, by Lisa Hindsley, will surely be turning heads.

Wendy Price P126 Bird Frame CardWendy Price’s bird nest card would make anyone love birds. And that’s perfect for Valentines Day!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Fran•táge!

    • Cheri,
      Lisa Hindsley, our art director, watercolored the Deco Lady card. The shrink plastic tag was sponged with StazOn ink before shrinking. And for the beautiful Swirly Bird Nest card by Jennifer Dove, I’m not entirely sure, we’ll let her weigh in on that. I’m guessing she sponged a little color on before coating it or that she did a little chalking.


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