Father’s Day Card Ideas

Father’s Day is coming soon, and we have some cool Daddy Robots to share! Why not get your Robots (SSC1032 Spotz Botz) doing “Dad” things? Our Robots can play soccer, baseball, basketball, football and golf with our (SSC135 For Him) Perfectly Clear™ Set. They can also wear a tie, go fishing, paint the fence or just celebrate their special day with a balloon bouquet. Daddy Robot could also be a musician (like lots of Daddy’s we know) and play the guitar from our (SSC679 Rock Out) Perfectly Clear™ Set. So get your Botz off the couch and get stampin’!!! Your Daddy will be proud.

Dad’s appreciate Painting with Powder, too. And wine…so make your Dad a grape vineyard card for Father’s Day and tie it to a nice bottle of wine. This card uses M236 Grape Scene Stamp, EK06 Merlot Embossing Powder Kit and R113 Floral Dream Stamp.

Stamp a Changito image inside a line-up of ties to personalize your Father’s Day card for your Monkey-lovin’ Dad. Just stamp the tie image from the SSC192 Thanks Dad Perfectly Clear Stamp Set on a piece of post-it note paper and cut the inside shape of the tie out. Then cover your stamped tie image with the mask, and then stamp V175 Changito Piggyback (or CRV175 Cling Rubber) over the area where you want the image to show up. It’s a designer tie! Just what your Dad wants for Father’s Day- one that he doesn’t have to wear.

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